My goal for IAMedia is to enable our clients to sell more and serve better. To achieve this goal I use a combination of classical and modern strategies to create thought provoking campaigns that lead to consistent results for clients. I have consulted with over 50 global businesses on how to 'humanise their brand'   as well as how to deliver better user experiences over digital channels.

I challenge my clients to use the plethora of different resources that we provide to stand out from the crowd. 

To exemplify how IAMedia can help you sell more we produced our own product (A film) and marketed it using online and offline strategies. Our film Omo Pastor (Pastors Child) was a completely self funded project. Not only did we receive an 8/10 for entertainment value but we managed to sell out 3 screenings of the film, with a marketing budget of just £100. Find out how here

Creativity is my passion, give IAMedia the opportunity to tell your story.

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It was always a pleasure working with Imisi. He is always fully committed to every goal set and is someone you can rely on achieving them.

Josh Buller - Conversocial 

I have had a great experience working with IAmedia. From the very beginning they were very clear in their communication style and in answering our questions which was great as this gave us confidence in what they were delivering.


They were extremely professional during our wedding service as they didn't obstruct our service fluidity and were able to engage our clients in a friendly manner where required. In addition creatively they went above and beyond what we wanted creatively and really understood what we were trying to convey in our marketing materials.
I will most certainly use the guys at IAmedia again and I recommend them highly.

Bennett Okeke - Okeke Cheers 

Imisi is able to connect with customers instantly and overcome challenges and objections. 

Oliver Bucken - Relativity 

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