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Beast Business - Boss Series Epi. 3

This is a recap of IAMedia’s 3rd Boss Series episode. We interviewed Nathan Osafo. Nathan is a fitness entrepreneur based at Anytime Fitness. Nathan has clients across the world and works with high calibre professionals to reach their fitness goals. His perspective on life is what separates him from others.

Why did you become an Online Trainer?

Nathan always knew that he wanted a career that helped people and brought them joy because that gave him a sense of fulfilment.

How did you get your first client?

Nathan stressed how important it was to be helpful. When he first started in the gym, he would help gym goers and give them advice. Most importantly he would do his work with a smile on his face. He stated that smiles attract. People become curious when some shows so much joy because it is so rare. Finally, Nathan always maintains eye contact; this shows that he is engaged and he cares.

How can you learn to become a joyful person?

Nathan suggested that you have to be intentional when It comes to your mental welfare. You need to be conscious of your thoughts and what actions you are taking that makes you feel a certain way. He asked viewers to analyse their morning routine. Instead of firstly checking their phone he asked participants to have some quiet time alone or start the day by saying uplifting things about themselves, this creates a positive headspace.

We want to say a massive thank you to Nathan for taking the time to speak with us and we look forward to following his journey.

Make sure to follow him on Instagram via @warriordnafit.

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