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'We Rise By Lifting Others'

I am grateful to have parents who have a heart to give back to their community. I believe that this is how I learnt why it is important to help others.

June was a busy month in pop culture. We saw the start of the world cup, the Golden State Warriors demolishing Cleveland in the NBA finals and the introduction of Instagram TV (IGTV). Personally, it was my most fulfilling month since starting my business. I began the month with the honour of working with the Nigerian Community in Oxford. They requested IAMedia's photography and videography services to cover an event featuring the Nigerian High Commissioner George Oguntade's CFR, CON to Oxford where he spoke to the Nigerian diaspora.

- Highlight Video on Portfolio Page.

Furthermore, I ended the month delivering my first adult learning course in collaboration with a local charity in Oxford named Family Arena. There is a lesson to learn from this, if you are going to do something do not do it half hearted. Our target for the course was ten, I have to admit I did not use my expertise in marketing to promote the course due to nerves but from the feedback from the students I know this could have been beneficial to a lot more people. For all the sleepless nights and a 5 minute panic before we started, I really felt in my element leading the course.

Presenting at an Adult Learning Course.

We covered 3 topics. A brief history about Facebook. The students were shocked to find out that Mark Zuckerberg was 19 when he launched Facebook.

Secondly, we analysed reasons as to why Facebook became what it is today. We discussed a number of points which included, courage, Mark Zuckerberg did not procrastinate by organising large focus groups or developing a meticulous business plan he was brave. We also talked about product quality, intuitive design principles and how successful businesses effectively manage the three constituencies in a public company, customers, employees and shareholders.

Finally, we discussed how to hold an effective Facebook live video for your business and improve your organic reach. This not only improved their skills on Facebook but also improved their confidence in public speaking.

I kept them engaged by doing regular quizzes and gave prizes to the best students in the spirit of competition. Whilst also emphasising collaboration and team work by tasking them to hold a Facebook live conference as a group. You can find this video on the IAMedia Facebook Page.

"Sometimes you think this adult education thing is hard, and it can be. But the class with Imisi Adefala was informative and fun. #enjoy#whilelearning#😎"

This was feedback from one of the students, I look forward to delivering more courses in the future.

If you are interested in adult courses or an introduction on how social media can transform your business please email me personally on

Imisi Adefala

@Imisi.x - Instagram

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